Bob Marley's Last Night In Oakland

    Bob Marley’s Last Night In Oakland

    Last night marked 35 years since Bob Marley & The Wailers played their final show in Oakland. Touring in support of 1979’s Survival, widely regarded as Marley’s most politi...

    Home Field Advantage: Oakland – The City That Changed The Face of Sports

    Home Field Advantage: Oakland – The City That Changed The Face of Sports

    My father has been talking about the amazing history of Oakland sports for as long as I can remember. Every night at the kitchen table the whole family was given history lessons ab...

    East of the Lake: Loard's Ice Cream

    East of the Lake: Loard’s Ice Cream

    Most Fridays after school, my mom or my aunt would take my brother, my cousin, and I to Loard's Ice Cream on MacArthur Blvd in East Oakland's Dimond District for ice cream cones. I...

    Marshawn Lynch Talks About Growing Up In Oakland on ESPN's E:60

    Marshawn Lynch Talks About Growing Up In Oakland on ESPN’s E:60

    I've loved Oakland since I was old enough to begin to understand it. And when you're from an underdog city, you love everyone who is putting on for your city by proxy. I've known M...

    Notes To Oakland
    To kick off our new community series, Notes to Oakland, we are sharing a note from Alma Jurado. She came by the 38thnotes table at the Temescal Street Fair and shared this appreciation for Oakland men. I humbly accept her compliment on behalf of all Oakland men, and echo her remarks to The Town’s women as well. Whether you are into men, women or both, as this Indian summer settles over the Bay Area, we are bound to witness the best The O has to offer. Thank you for sharing, Alma!

    Read the notes Oaklanders are writing to their beloved city, and submit your own! Shoot us your story, celebration or plea to Oakland at with “Notes to Oakland” in the subject.

    Review: Thundercat & Flying Lotus Play The Fox Theater

    If you are like me, you put sound on the highest pedestal, and take every opportunity to submerge yourself in live music. You buy your tickets early, you slap the artist’s music all week, and when you finally get to the venue, you’re shaking with […]

    Video: Coco's Fro Cannot Be Contained

    It’s great to have Coco Crisp back in the line-up because not only is he a great player, his fun-loving, Bernie-leaning personality is a spark that helps motivate the rest of the team. A’s skipper Bob Melvin said as much before last night’s 1-0 victory […]

    Event: Street Ball Documentary "Doin' It In The Park" Premiers in Oakland

    The rich sub-culture of un-organized basketball has blossomed in some pretty obscure places from Africa to Latin America, but nowhere possesses the cultural significance and swagger of its birthplace– New York City.

    Experience Oakland: Go To A Warriors Game

    Amidst the East Bay / West Bay sibling rivalry, the Golden State Warriors are the one team that everyone can agree on. They are the only basketball team in the Bay Area, which gives them a larger potential fan base than the A’s, Giants, Raiders, or […]

    New Music: Introducing Julia Lewis

    Ever since we saw Julia Lewis’s visuals for “Tell Me Everything You Are” the video has been on repeat. There’s something about the interplay of the warped but melodic soundscape,, the amazing costume design, choreography and dancing, and the eerie lighting […]

    Event: Discover Your Favorite New Rapper This Friday at The New Parish

    This line-up might as well be a sneak peak of  Thizzler’s Bay Area Freshmen 10 list. We’re not sure who will make the cut, but we do know is that Streets Is Talking Radio and Zoo In The Trunk have put together a show of  MCs who should be on your radar. […]

    Souladarity: A Soulful Saturday at Geoffrey's Inner Circle

    Last night I danced my ass off at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle. It was my first time there, but I was very familiar with the venue. Growing up, Geoffrey’s was where the grown folks went. But by the time I was old enough to frequent the space, it […]

    Dope New Bay Area Music Videos

    The Bay Area is a vast region with an excess of talent. For some young muhfuckas with full-time jobs like us, it can be a lot to keep up with. And as much as it is our mission to contextualize the art that the Bay produces, many folks these days don’t […]

    Stoney: Pac, Bud and Hip-Hop

    By Pendarvis Harshaw The video for Stoney’s first single “Bumpin’ Makaveli” is just a glimpse into a lovely lady’s life of lively lyrics, laughs and lit cigars… She’s an East Oakland girl who likes Al Green, and weed. She’s […]