Experience Oakland: Check Out The Annual White Elephant Sale

    Experience Oakland: Check Out The Annual White Elephant Sale

    Once a year, people of all stripes gather in a Jingletown warehouse in East Oakland to explore the treasures to be had at a huge White Elephant sale. You can find pretty much anyth...

    Event: A Bay Area Tribute to Sly & The Family Stone

    Event: A Bay Area Tribute to Sly & The Family Stone

    Sly & The Family Stone were pioneers in the world of funk, soul, and rock, due to their eclectic genre-blending sounds, Larry Graham's invention of slapping the bass, the anti-...

    Nate: "C.O.T.C. (Children of the Concrete)"

    Nate: “C.O.T.C. (Children of the Concrete)”

    San Francisco emcee Nate (aka Nate the Great) has built his reputation by sharing honest reflections of a blue collar kid traversing adolescence in the Sco. His youthful introspect...

    SiairaShawn: Ghost EP

    SiairaShawn: Ghost EP

    It's a wonderful thing to watch an artist grow, especially when you love how they've grown. In the spring of 2010, SiairaShawn dropped The In Between EP. Throughout the years she'...

    Notes To Oakland
    To kick off our new community series, Notes to Oakland, we are sharing a note from Alma Jurado. She came by the 38thnotes table at the Temescal Street Fair and shared this appreciation for Oakland men. I humbly accept her compliment on behalf of all Oakland men, and echo her remarks to The Town’s women as well. Whether you are into men, women or both, as this Indian summer settles over the Bay Area, we are bound to witness the best The O has to offer. Thank you for sharing, Alma!

    Read the notes Oaklanders are writing to their beloved city, and submit your own! Shoot us your story, celebration or plea to Oakland at submissions@38thnotes.com with “Notes to Oakland” in the subject.

    The Bay Is For Lovers: V-day Inspired Music

    Every year on Valentines Day, a bunch of artists and DJs drop songs and mixes inspired by love, the pursuit of it, or the bitter fall out from it. It’s a bittersweet time of year all the way around, but the roller-coaster ride of love has always generated [...]

    Video: Max Julien Talks 2Pac & Huey Newton in 1997 Interview

    Max Julien was not born in Oakland. Neither were Huey Newton or Tupac Shakur. And yet all three played fundamental roles in the creation of Oakland’s legendary counter-cultural identity. Huey was raised here from the age of 3, graduated from Oakland Tech [...]

    Music Video: Dick Boston Shares His Testimony in "My Story"

    There is music, and then there is testimony. Dick Boston of Hot Head Ent. demonstrates the power of the latter on “My Story” as he unloads about the struggles in his life. Rap is a genre rife with horizontal violence and materialistic aspirations but [...]

    The Last First Friday? Reflections on Oakland's Battle with Violence

    The past few months, First Fridays has gotten too big for it’s britches, and tonight it burst at the seams. At 10:51pm two people were shot, one of them fatally.

    New Music: GQ Pays Homage to Oakland in "The Town"

    Three years ago Quentin Thomas, point guard for the University of North Carolina, was reintroduced as GQ, an MC newly signed to 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records. While we still referred to him as Q, occasionally throwing in an Oakland Tech reference or two, [...]

    Must Read: B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe by Christine Doelling

    Christine Doelling opens her book about digital music copyright with the following quote from Plato: “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” [...]

    Music Video: League510: "Representa"

    Sometime during undergrad I came home and met these dudes. They were chilling at a party all calm and such. Little did I know they were some of the liveliest performers I would ever see on stage, especially when they are talking about The Town. Sunday, [...]

    Music Video: Locksmith: "Transitions"

    The concept is 9th Wonder’s. The production is the work of Khrysis and Eric G. The video was directed by the Brain Strong collective at the 5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center in Queens, NY. But this track is undeniably the work of Richmond’s Locksmith. On so [...]

    Bucketfeet Features Local & International Artists with Latest Shoe Release

    Bucketfeet’s latest release features shoes designed in London (UK), Lagos (Nigeria), Berkeley (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Bogota (Colombia), Odense (Denmark), Chicago (USA), and San Jose (USA). They are simultaneously curating borderless wearable art, and creating glocal demand around the world.