Bob Marley's Last Night In Oakland

    Bob Marley’s Last Night In Oakland

    Last night marked 35 years since Bob Marley & The Wailers played their final show in Oakland. Touring in support of 1979’s Survival, widely regarded as Marley’s most politi...

    Jay Smooth Puts Ferguson "Riots" in Perspective

    Jay Smooth Puts Ferguson “Riots” in Perspective

    I've been mulling over writing something about the killing of Mike Brown, the resulting mass demonstrations, racist police practices, Darren Wilson's grand jury miscarriage, and t...

    Mara Hruby & Chris Turner Live at Yoshis

    Mara Hruby & Chris Turner Live at Yoshis

    On Tuesday night, Oakland natives Marah Hruby and Chris Turner blessed their native soil with an inspiring performance worthy of the historic Yoshis venue....

    Ben Harper, The Bay, And The Imprint Of Brownie’s Blues

    Ben Harper, The Bay, And The Imprint Of Brownie’s Blues

    “I’ve been coming to Oakland for years. I used to come up here quite often to listen to the blues legend Brownie McGhee. We used to sit in his garage and eat candy. And talk—...

    Notes To Oakland
    To kick off our new community series, Notes to Oakland, we are sharing a note from Alma Jurado. She came by the 38thnotes table at the Temescal Street Fair and shared this appreciation for Oakland men. I humbly accept her compliment on behalf of all Oakland men, and echo her remarks to The Town’s women as well. Whether you are into men, women or both, as this Indian summer settles over the Bay Area, we are bound to witness the best The O has to offer. Thank you for sharing, Alma!

    Read the notes Oaklanders are writing to their beloved city, and submit your own! Shoot us your story, celebration or plea to Oakland at with “Notes to Oakland” in the subject.

    Hella Independent Films Playing Right Now

    About a week ago, a few dozen folks took their seats in  Hub Oakland’s Omni Gallery to watch trailers and shorts from the upcoming San Francisco Black Film Festival. The East Bay meet and greet also featured a panel and there was a random appearance […]

    Adventures of a Shapeshifter

    When I found out that Zakiya Harris would be releasing an EP called Adventures of a Shapeshifter, I was intrigued. I don’t have many friends with one job. Even the ones who have a main hustle have a multitude of passion projects and interests […]

    On Our Way Home: A Photo Exhibition by Homeless Elders

    Few groups of people are invisibilized in our society quite like homeless people. We avert our eyes when walking down the street, pat our pockets to show we have no money to give them, and look at our phones when we pull up next to them at freeway exits. […]

    Experience Oakland: Check Out The Annual White Elephant Sale

    Once a year, people of all stripes gather in a Jingletown warehouse in East Oakland to explore the treasures to be had at a huge White Elephant sale. You can find pretty much anything there. There are entire sections dedicated to art, furniture, electronics, […]

    Event: A Bay Area Tribute to Sly & The Family Stone

    Sly & The Family Stone were pioneers in the world of funk, soul, and rock, due to their eclectic genre-blending sounds, Larry Graham’s invention of slapping the bass, the anti-prejudice messages in their lyrics, and their multi-gender and ethnically […]

    Nate: "C.O.T.C. (Children of the Concrete)"

    San Francisco emcee Nate (aka Nate the Great) has built his reputation by sharing honest reflections of a blue collar kid traversing adolescence in the Sco. His youthful introspection stands in stark contrast to the glorified hood-rich stuntin’ that permeates […]

    SiairaShawn: Ghost EP

    It’s a wonderful thing to watch an artist grow, especially when you love how they’ve grown. In the spring of 2010, SiairaShawn dropped The In Between EP. Throughout the years she’s experimented with her sound a bit, but always provided content that […]

    Chris Turner: "This Christmas"

    It doesn’t snow here, but there are plenty of things to signal “the most wonderful time of year.” As soon as I hear Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas,” I’m ready for holiday feasts, gifts, and a drive down Picardy Drive to see the lights. I usually […]

    Home Field Advantage: Oakland – The City That Changed The Face of Sports

    My father has been talking about the amazing history of Oakland sports for as long as I can remember. Every night at the kitchen table the whole family was given history lessons about the local legends who collectively told the Oakland story. There […]