Music Video: League510: “Representa”

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Sometime during undergrad I came home and met these dudes. They were chilling at a party all calm and such. Little did I know they were some of the liveliest performers I would ever see on stage, especially when they are talking about The Town. Sunday, at Fresh Steps’ 4 year anniversary party, League510 jolted the crowd with a live rendition of their Kreayshawn assisted/sampled single “Representa.”

Mr. Knowitall’s verse opens the track, and is honestly more for Oakland natives. If you’re one of those folks who tells people you’re from Oakland, but you’re really from say, Alameda or Walnut Creek, you might feel a little called out. Surely, you’ll still like the verse though, ’cause it’s good. T.K.’s verse is a bit more Yay Area friendly. He shouts out a few cities that share our area code, and some that don’t, and then proclaims, “I’m a Bay Boy/ We make noise/ We not coy.” (Note: Hyperspace, put that on a shirt.)

As much as I love the energy of the track and the idea of having another anthem, I just might love the video more. In about two and a half minutes, League510 takes you through Oakland. And it’s not just the Uptown and the Lake, as the mainstream media likes to do. And it’s not just the Deep, like MCs trying prove their credibility. You see a little bit of everything plus a few of the homies who put on for Oakland constantly. You peep @Dnas (Streets Is Talking Radio) and Daghe (Cre8tive Class)? The tightest part of this video though is that the amazing Lake Merritt scenes were shot by mounting a camera onto a remote control helicopter. There’s perhaps nothing quite as #ClassyRatchet as rappers in rowboats followed by a paddle-boating entourage. #TownShit

League510 are indeed Oakland City Representas. Address Mr. Knowitall, TK, Mont, and DJ Blacksmith as Your Majesty.

The League has also made a splash recently with some new solo material from Mr. Knowitall, produced by TK. “Smoke & Relax” is about just what you might think. Hip-hop needs more weed-smoking anthems like it needs more rappers, but this joint will get you vibing even if you don’t chief. Partake…

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