New Music: Moe Green: R.I.P to the Dreamer

By niema  |  November 2nd, 2012  |  Published in Music

We’ve clicked, and listened to, every link since The Dreamer released I Just Want You to Hear My Voice. And now The Dreamer is dead. The intro to Moe Green’s R.I.P. to the Dreamer is haunting. Deltrice belts out her rendition of “Mary, Don’t You Weep,” and for a moment if feels like you’re about to witness a funeral service.

The whole campaign leading up to the album was tinged with sadness, including the Instagram pics of Ricky getting shot. And that was the plan, “Even though those are movies,” explains the Vallejo rapper,  “we all know somebody in real life who has died in the process of trying to do better. I wanted to pick something that folks could relate to as far as death. Stir up those ‘aww man why did he have to die?’ feelings.”

But death theme is not meant to make you depressed, rather it is to prep you for a rebirth of sorts. You see, Moe Green is tired of playing it safe. He’s tired to of being slept on. He’s tired of dreaming. So now it’s time to transition. “This is like going from the MLK approach to the Malcom X approach,” says Green. “I’m tired of the inspirational guy. I definitely want to motivate folks, but as far as moving in this game I have a chip on my shoulder.”

You can hear the weight in his rhymes. But, Moe is able to articulate his irritation and need for change without coming off bitter. A close listen to 6-track EP shows an artist coming into his own. The style and production are consistent. His lyrics are specific and thus more revealing. He’s reflecting. He’s questioning. He’s getting ready to take a leap.

Moe Green’s banking on the growth, presentation of a more authentic version of himself , and the decision to break away from safe to put him where he needs to be. “I always say that I want to be remembered in mythology,” he notes. “It’s go time for me. No turning back now.”


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