New Music: Jennah Bell: “Chapter 3: The Hatchet”

By Coolhand Luke  |  October 21st, 2012  |  Published in Featured, Music

“I left roses in the garden, petals on the bed for you. We’ve lived a belly full, loved a many who couldn’t shield us from the arrows pointing to the truth,”   sings Jennah Bell on the hook of “Chapter 3: The Hatchet.” She finishes, “I pray we meet again. I’d rather wait than say that this is how this tale has got to end.” It’s a beautiful tale steeped in transcontinental metaphors and melancholy optimism. The title contains “The Hatchet”, which intimates a severing, but is prefaced by “Chapter 3,” a reference to a story that is still progressing.

Jennah is a breath of fresh air because of the rich hues of her voice, her relaxing acoustic instrumentation, and her amazing song writing. Very few singers come along who add so many layers to their art by virtue of their unique story telling ability.  You can hear the subtle influences of Tim Burton, Bonnie Raitt, and her fairy kingdom fascinations in much of her music, but here, there are also plumes of Norah Jones’ brand of windswept blues. Take a listen to the latest from one of Oakland’s most talented musicians and kick a dollar or two her way for this track. |

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