The Team

The truth is, the team here isn't really a team at all. I'm just one man with a passion for Oakland's architecture and people in general. This is a hobby webpage built to help me learn more about the city and to help me explore some of its' nooks and crannies.

My plan is three parts, which you can see just over there to the right.

I can't make promises as to how often I will get to update the page. I have a handful of other pages to maintain as well but as time allows the site will grow.

  • 1

    Launch The Site

    Off to a great start, no?

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    Find Great Content

    There's some popular content that will be relaunched from the archive.

  • 3

    Add Even More Content!

    I'll be diving into Oakland's great homes and architecture very soon.

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Christ The Light Cathedral

Explore Christ The Light Cathedral through this interview with Bishop Allen Vigneron.

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1100 Broadway

Heavily damaged during an earthquake, the original Key Transit building has been reborn.

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Oakland School For The Arts

An inside look at OSA’s Vocal Dept. and the woman behind the productions.

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Project #1

Our first post is underway and it's a look at Cathedral Christ The Light designed by architect Craig W. Hartman. This building was chosen by our contributing author from Countertop Investigator. Here's a link to one of the latest posts on their website I also want give credit to the photographer that took the stunning picture of the Oakland skyline we are showcasing right now at the top of this page. You can find it and more of his amazing work at this link

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